Management and Marketing Services

Wish you had an executive management team, but cannot afford a full-time employee to run your organization?  

Wish your executive team had some extra help with day-to-day operations, such as bookkeeping, human resources?

Wish your organization had a stronger social media and Internet presence? Want to stay in better touch with clients, customers, board members, and donors? 

Sample Professional Services (SPS) has your solution

Your organization’s back office solution! Sample Professional Services provides all aspects of back office support for small non-profit organizations in need of cost-efficient day-to-day support. Leveraging web-based technology, SPS can support administrative activities to help your day-to-day operations functioning as your virtual management team.

Need a virtual executive manager to run your organization? SPS will find candidates for you and contract your top choice.

Are you a busy executive that needs a virtual executive assistant? SPS will help keep you get organized with virtual assistants ready to schedule meetings, contact clients, make travel arrangements, and everything you need to be successful.

Does your organization or executive team need more organized bookkeeping? SPS will provide bookkeeping experts to manage your books, file appropriate state and federal reports, and assist you with tracking your revenues and expenses.

Can’t really afford to hire a human resource team or wish you spent less time doing human resource management activities? SPS will help you build job descriptions, identify and screen the right candidates, and help you get those great new employees on your team.

Wish your social media presence was stronger but cannot afford to hire a public relations team? SPS provides social media, website, e-newsletter, and email marketing content management services. This cost-efficient service provides the personal touch you need to reach your customers, clients, board members and donors. Let SPS develop your online presence through professional content and copy management. LEARN MORE


Management and consultation services for organizations, providers, and individuals related to:

  • Aging and sexuality policy and training
  • Health care, non-government, and government organizations
  • Services and programs for older adults and family caregivers
  • End-of-life planning


Organizational Education/Training

Training and education programs designed to fit the needs of your organization. Whether in-person or web-based, your training is designed to meet your education and training needs.


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