Management Services


Do you need a cost-efficient approach to managing your organization/company? Contracting the executive and day-to-day operations of your organization/company, especially smaller organizations, helps you control costs while your organization grows. SPS is your back-office solution!

SPS provides the following, customized solutions:

  • Managing the virtual day-to-day operations for small organizations
    • Services may include public interaction via phone and email, fiscal management services, human resources support and other management support unique to your company/organization.*
  • Facilitate virtual Board of Directors meetings, strategic planning, product development, and Board training.*
  • Provide regular webinar training for staff and the public. Training can be provided regarding organizational operations as well as for leadership and skill development.

*While these services are primarily provided through cost-efficient online, virtual support, SPS will work with you in establishing executive management service plan that best fits your needs, including on-site support.

Having difficulty keeping your social media and website content fresh? Wish you could engage and develop a relationship with your customers more efficiently? Wish your PR or development staff had more time to connect in-person with customers/clients? SPS has the perfect cost-efficient solution!

  • Social media management
    • SPS will develop and manage your social media content saving you and your staff a tremendous amount of time and energy! SPS will work with you to identify your social media messaging and then write and/or deliver content that aligns with your message. This saves you the time of constantly monitoring your various social media accounts while being confident that your message is being delivered according to your strategy and vision.
  • Website content management
    • SPS can produce fresh content to your website based on your strategy and vision. Want to have a regular blog written about your company and industry? SPS can do that for you! If you do not have a blog, SPS can add one to keep your website fresh. Let SPS help keep you website fresh with new content that matches your strategy and vision!
  • Email marketing content management
    • Email can help you develop a personal connection with your clients, customers, and colleagues. SPS will develop and deliver email content to your contact list on topics important to you and your company! SPS can help you get the word out about new products or services, about new opportunities, or even to just tell your customers thank you! This time-saving, cost-efficient service helps you create loyal customers/clients.
  • E-newsletter content management
    • An e-newsletter highlights your organization/company activities, products, and services and informs readers about your industry. SPS will develop content for your e-newsletter and deliver it for you!

These four services can be very time-consuming and, therefore, costly! SPS’s approach is to integrate these four activities so that content is interconnected for your customers/clients. Similar messages that are delivered through different vehicles helps you get results! You can customize which of these services you want to use to meet your organization/company’s strategy and vision.