Training and Education

hannah-wei-84051-unsplashCustomized webinars, training, and conferences based on your organizational or individual needs.

Expertise for training and education opportunities:

  • Healthcare issues in aging and family
  • Non-governmental organization innovation
    • Aging and disability resource centers and ‘no-wrong door’ models of service
    • Person-centered service development
  • Strategic planning
  • Develop policy or practices for your organization
  • Lead/support grant-funded projects or activities
  • Conceptual development support for organizational efficiency, grant projects, innovative business concepts.
  • Aging and sexuality issues
    • Cognitive capacity to consent to sexual activity
    • Sexuality safety
    • Difficult conversations about aging and sexuality
    • Policy and program development for long-term care environments and facilities
    • Ethics consultation
  • Intimate relationships and sexuality
  • End-of-life ethics and decision-making
  • Family caregiver support

Joe has taught the following university level courses:

  • Adult Development and Aging at Iowa State University
    • Course focused on the biopsychosocial development of adults throughout the aging process.
  • Death as a Part of Living at Iowa State University
    • Course emphasized understanding the various experiences and understanding of death and dying for humans. Emphasized end-of-life decision-making and health care ethics.
  • Introductory Bioethics at Grandview University
    • Course introduced students to biomedical ethics and navigating ethical dilemmas in health care and health care environments.