Sample Professional Services, L.L.C.

Photo by iabzd on Unsplash

The Story

I launched Sample Professional Services, L.L.C. (SPS) to help two non-profit, statewide associations transition their business strategy to virtual organizations at the end of 2017. Since that time, both organizations, with the support of SPS, have moved the majority of their board meetings, business meetings, and training to the virtual environment. This has dramatically changed their financial picture during a time of great financial strain. 

While developing strategies to assist these organizations I learned a great deal about developing online training, affordable website content management, social media integration and email marketing/content management. Based on what I learned I now want to share this knowledge with others.

Check out the Meet Joe page to learn more about my education and expertise. To learn how I can benefit you and/or your organization, check out the Services page. 

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